Now, lets talk the traditional hereditary Rulership of Jagbe. OMOGWA 1926 – 1979.

            Omogwa Ogbekhiulu, Ogienomon II, the Onogie and Clan Head of Jagbe … was a household name personality in Jagbe, Etsako, Esan, suburbs and beyond. There was no dispute and doubt about his traditional Rulership and Leadership. He was very effective in carrying his subjects and others along. He was a symbol of authority. An institution! Institution, which include command of love and affection.



            In accordance with Tradition Ruler and Chiefs Edict of 1979, a Town or Community must have traditional structures, thus: The Clan, The Kingmakers, the Secretary, and the Traditional Council etc. Ihelanmen has seven (7) quarters, namely, Afeile, Afoile, Afenoyarebu, Afanwere, Igievbala, Afandode and of course, Afogie (Ikpotole), the Igiogbe. There are Kingmakers inside Kingmakers within the seven quarters. They have grade levels. Some are natural while other are appointed, selected or elected or Copt.



            As the name implies, Afogie is where the Traditional Ruler/Clan Head, the Onogie of Jagbe is anchored. Afen-ogie, which means Palace. Within this Afogie quarter, there is linage. The rest quarters, Particular Afeile are where there are strong moderators because of their ‘Okaoukuo’ (Captainship) acumen. Alegimenhen family co-ordinate other quarters and families to join the Afogie Ruling House. The Afeile family play major=r role in ensuring that the Constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Afeile do not compromise the role of an arbiter or umpire in the enthronement of Onogie of Jagbe. History had it right from onset that Alegimenlen down to Landan Yusufu Aloataegbe, which Alhaji Ali Isu demonstrated from 24th April, 1979. The relation is natural. History had it that Aiikofe and Alegimenlen were of the same Parents. Aiikofe was the mother of Oroanvbunu while Ogbekhiulu was the father.

            It has to be mentioned quickly and briefly here that Aloataegbe-Yusufu Landan popularized Islam in Jagbe. Thus, his call to prayers was second to none. The calls were melodious and moving souls. He made Islam cheap to practice there and then. Igievbala inherits the priesthood of Omoido River. Igiebhala do not ascend the title of Odionwele of Jagbe. Exclusively, they have their Odionwele. But sharing of anything like ‘usugbe-mma’ etc. are extended to them. History had it so.



            Despite Islam in Jagbe, Imiokono maintain the tradition of Jagbe, particularly the OKONO rite. While Ihelanmen was invaded by Islamic teachers/mallams because of her traditional and administrative headquarters of Jagbe, Imiokono was spared. Ancestral Okono and Edionn and Edion and Aluedion  in Ihelanmen work together including that of Imiogian. These common Ancestral structures made the enthronement of Onogie of Jagbe, Umoru Omogwa easy after the demise of the Father, Omogwa Ogbekhiulu on 24th April, 1979. This was manifested when Pa Ani Eromonsele Iseghe became the Odionwele of Jagbe on 25th September, 1992. he did not divert nor contest any other position but the one that God has given him. Hear him, “I come to assume my  natural and rightful position of Odionwele of Jagbe; praise and honor the Onogie of Jagbe, the Traditional Ruler/Clan head, Omoru Omogwa and not to cause unnecessary confusion and that, “I will join the Onogie to repair Jagbe Community as a whole…” These were the ways in which he actually conducted the Age-group (Iruen) rites and his advice were evidence of Papa Ani Eromonsele Iseghe’s honesty and straightforwardness. He was really Odion-naga and Alue-ebo of Jagbe. He hold forth of Jagbe Ancestors in his era of reign. He passed on in May, 2000. He gave the name ‘Odior-aluemisse’ to the Otu (age-group), which was his last outing.



            Imiogian has nothing contrary than ensuring the enthronement of the rightful person as the Onogie, Traditional Ruler/Clan head of Jagbe in accordance with the tradition, custom, extant chiefs laws and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They love and work for the unity and progress of Jagbe.